Cancer Sucks




My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2009.  The correct type of cancer is called Primary Peritoneal and it effects the lining of your stomach.  It’s seriousness is heightened by the fact that you normally don’t find this type of cancer until stages 3 and 4 and it sneaks up suddenly and quietly.  PPC is almost identical to Ovarian cancer in structure and treated just the same.  It is one of the most under funded cancers.

After 3 attempts and 5 years of battles, the cancer has finally consumed my mom.  After consulting with the doctor, my mom decided no more chemo.  She’s tired and wants to live her life in peace.  On July 25th, we were told that we are looking at about 6 months left with her. 

My mother is one of the strongest women I know and has fought hard…really hard.  She has not given up, she has decided to take control of her life.  We have created a bucket list of items for her and some ways to help us fund those items if you would like to help.

Bucket List Item to Meet Jeff GordonComplete Bucket List FundraisingFundraising for her Commitment Ceremony

I put this page up for awareness…so many people never feel the effects of cancer in their family and certainly not PPC.  Please take the time to read about this deadly disease here.

In 2010 my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  His type was a little less severe then my mothers and didn’t require the

chemotherapy but did require two surgeries to remove the growths.  He also underwent a procedure where they inject your bladder with tuberculosis which eats away the cancerous cells.  Isn’t that wild?  So far all of his check ups have been great.

His cancer was directly related to his smoking for over 50 years.  He has not quit yet…and I am hoping that he does soon.  Please pray for his strength and that this disease does not come back worse next time!


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