Why I Didn’t Hire You…No Really…

Alright so in my daily job I get to attend job fairs and do insane amount of interviews.  I have learned so much to look for in a potential employee.  I have been super surprised at what I have seen.  I am pretty good at being interviewed but have really looked to develop my interview questions for our company.  If you don’t think Waffle House is selective…we actually really are.

With 3 new stores opening in the Greenville area this year (Moonville, Stone Avenue and Cherrydale) we are in a crunch to hire as many people as possible to train and fill these locations.  With an average of 16 interviews per day, I am definitely able to perfect my skills.  In my quest I have compiled a list of some of the reasons I didn’t hire you.  Some are pretty funny but ALL have happened to me!  Enjoy.

  • You wore your blue tooth ear piece in to my interview.
  • I couldn’t understand what you said because your tongue ring kept hitting your teeth, your eyebrow ring was shining and it blinded me, and I was too busy looking through the quarter sized gauges in your ear lobes at all the customers in my restaurant.
  • Your 4 friends you brought with you are sitting at my high bar and they are so loud that I can’t hear you.
  • You admitted to using drugs, without me asking.
  • You cursed
  • Your cleavage was distracting.
  • The attachment on your hip kept crying for it’s mother.
  • You were late because you couldn’t find a ride.  (No ride to interview = no ride to work)
  • Your spaghetti strap tank top showed off all your prison tattoos one of which says “100% B&%$h”.
  • You tell me repeatedly “I just need a job”.
  • When I ask you what your looking for at a job fair and you say a job…No DUH!
  • Your mother has to fill out your application for you.
  • You can’t add.
  • After our interview you call me every 30 minutes the next day to see if I am going to hire you.  Seriously…I will call you!
  • You ask me what the pay is when I call to set up your interview.
  • Your clothes have holes all in them.

Hmmm…anymore?  What kind of examples do you have???



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Just a 30 something southern girl living life as a “Fat Girl”. Learning to love and laugh more than ever and share the adventures that is her crazy existence! Blogging about dating, weight loss and acceptance, funny stories, quirky family, Greenville, SC and some fashion. Come hang out!

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7 comments on Why I Didn’t Hire You…No Really…

  1. Just Me says:

    “You ask me what the pay is when I call to set up your interview.”

    Seriously, this is a bad thing? I mean, if you call me and say you saw my resume online and wanted to set up an interview, why not ask this question? If I’m already making 50k/year and the job is only paying 35k/year, then why waste each others time for a position I’m going to turn down when I find it’s paying 15k less than what I’m already making?

    Then again, if the potential employee is unemployed, it really doesn’t matter what the pay is because it’s going to be more than 0k/year. 🙂

    • clhughey says:

      Good point, however, the difference in 35k and 50k is huge, most people looking to move into a new career know what they are worth and what the job title is at least averaging in their community. If they are making a lateral move, pay will be similar so it’s worth it to at least interview without asking the question. If it’s a promotion then more money would be expected but there’s a LOT more to a new job then just money. However important, there are other things to consider.

      Thanks for your comment!!!

  2. Tink says:

    I LOVE THIS! I’ll just add one to the list. I didn’t hire you because the web experience you claimed on your resume just turned out to be a single project from school two years ago, which was shoddy to begin with and hadn’t been touched since. Plus you kept calling me Christy.

    And again, Courtney, I’m really sorry about the cleavage.

  3. Sharon Smith says:


    It is 5 am and I just read this…I just about fell out of my chair laughing…dear lord, you are funny, I can’t wait to share this at work this morning!!!

  4. Jordana M. says:

    I once had a person show up to an interview with beer and cigarettes on their breath. The alcohol threw me—it was 10:30 a.m.! Obviously, I didn’t hire them….

  5. Kim Hansen says:

    Excellent Courtney! After doing an insane amount of interviewing myself, I am still floored at the things people say and do in interviews. Here are a few from me:

    – Spelling your name for me because its so difficult (or stupid!) and then saying, No, sorry, that’s wrong – WTF? You can’t spell your name?
    – Why are you interested in working for XYZ? I need Money. Really? Wow, I’d have never thunk it!
    – Before the interview even started – How long do you think this interview will take? I need to let my ride know when to pick me up. Well guess what? The interview is over – BYE!

    Love ya girl!

  6. Jon Evans says:

    Look Courtney, I said I was sorry about the cleavage. I didn’t mean for it to be distracting. Just hire me already! 🙂