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Fat Girl Friendly Plus Size Bargain of the Week


Fat Girl Friendly Plus Size Bargain of the Week I’m a bargain hunter…I don’t pay full price for ANYTHING if I can help it.  I’m a couponer, a thrifter, a cheap-o and I will HUNT A DEAL DOWN in a heartbeat.  When you are ballin’ on a budget and the…

6 Fat Girl Friendly Exercise Ideas in Greenville


We are all in need of some exercise without eyeballs!  I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a long time.  I about died!  I’ve gained back almost all the weight I lost last year.  With the move, the new job and other stressers, exercise just hasn’t been…

7 St. Patricks Day Fat Girl (and budget) Friendly Must Haves


St. Patricks Day is JUST around the corner and whether you plan on hitting up the town in some sexy get up or hang around the house with green beer, you should be in green!

You may not know this, but St. Patrick’s Day isn’t celebrated the same in Ireland as we do here in the states. Actually, they think we are a little crazy. Sometime back in the 1700’s it was thought that if you wore green, it would make you invisible to the Leprechauns and they would not pinch you.

Greenville’s Best Kept Plus Size Fashion Secret: Double Digits Consignment Boutique


Greenville, SC’s Best Kept Plus Size Fashion Secret: Double Digits Plus Size Consignment Boutique Fat Girl Friendly has it’s first sponsor and I couldn’t be more excited!  Shannon Ireland, the owner of Double Digits Consignment Boutique in Greenville, SC, has been a driving force and motivator for this blog for…

2013 Veteran’s Day Meals and Events – Greenville, SC


Here’s a list of all the Veteran’s Day meals I could find over the internet.  I did a little research for restaurants in Greenville, SC that were locally owned and operated and marked them with a graphic below.  I will continue to update this list as I hear things.