Fat Girl Friendly Plus Size Bargain of the Week

Fat Girl Friendly Plus Size Bargain of the Weekpaid-what

I’m a bargain hunter…I don’t pay full price for ANYTHING if I can help it.  I’m a couponer, a thrifter, a cheap-o and I will HUNT A DEAL DOWN in a heartbeat.  When you are ballin’ on a budget and the financial caregiver to a cancer patient…you have to be slick about your purchases.

I’ve pretty much perfected the craft of bargain shopping.  I’ll be posting a blog soon about where I find my favorites clothes but for now, I wanted to give you the scoop on this bargain I found the other day.  And I found it no where other than my favorite local shop, Double Digits.

I love this store and can’t say enough about it and the owner Shannon…just love her!  She always gives me the biggest kudos when I am in her store.  Here’s the problem though…I ALWAYS find something I want.  I have some stuff on hold there now and always spend money when I walk in…so I tend to stay away!  You may remember she only consigns name brand stuff…and when she has a sale…she REALLY hooks you up.

The last time I was in there I spied this Talbot’s Hunter Green Military Jacket on the rack and I loved it.  Tried it on but wasn’t really ready to pay $35 for it.  I told you, I’m cheap.  Still had the tags on it…and the original price was $109.  YOWZA!  It’s made of cotton and spandex and it’s part of the Kate Fit line in Romantically Curvy.  Which by the way, I love that they call it “Romantically Curvy”.

Now I will be honest with you…Talbot’s is not usually my style…but this jacket is BOSS!  And the best part about it…are you ready for the drum roll price?  Are you ready to hear how hooked up I got on this jacket? 

I got this jacket for $15!

Are you jealous darling?  You should be.  Check it out.

jackettag shoulders

Thanks Shannon at Double Digits for hooking me up!

Do you like this style? Whats your favorite purchase this week?


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4 comments on Fat Girl Friendly Plus Size Bargain of the Week

  1. Shannon Knight Ireland says:

    It’s Gorgeous on you Darling….

    🙂 Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Megan Walker says:

    Haha, I LOVE your bargain face! Very nice : ) I’m not as committed to the deal as you, but I would not have spent $109 on that jacket either!

    • Courtney says:

      Megan – First off…I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts daily and comment on them. It is something I am trying to get better at and I feel very honored that in this hectic life, you spend some of your time on me. Thank you!

      Secondly…girl…I don’t play when it comes to shopping. I stalked a shirt at Belk once for 2 months until it went down from $48 to $10. Clothing is ridiculous anyways, but they jack up the price when it’s plus size…so you gotta be sneaky!

      Lol I figured you guys would appreciate my bargain face…I am getting more and more comfy showing my true colors…lol that may be a bad thing!