7 St. Patricks Day Fat Girl (and budget) Friendly Must Haves


7 St. Patrick’s Day Fat Girl (and budget) Friendly Must Haves

St. Patrick’s Day is JUST around the corner and whether you plan on hitting up the town in some sexy get up or hang around the house with green beer, you should be in green!

You may not know this, but St. Patrick’s Day isn’t celebrated the same in Ireland as we do here in the states.  Actually, they think we are a little crazy.  Sometime back in the 1700’s it was thought that if you wore green, it would make you invisible to the Leprechauns and they would not pinch you.  Now why anyone wouldn’t or would want to be pinched…I don’t know.  But since this is a crazy American tradition…let’s all jump on the bandwagon and put on that green!

Below you will find 7 ideas of things you can wear for St. Patrick’s Day all under $30.  As always, make sure you check for coupon codes if you purchase things online (my favorite site is RetailMeNot) or printable coupons to take in store.  A simple Google search will do.

1. Green Old Navy Canvas Shoes – $22.94

Old Navy Canvas Shoes - $22.94

2.  Belle De Jour I Love Mustaches T-Shirt – $24.99

Belle De Jour T-Shirt - $24.99

3.  Catos Roll Tab Plaid Shirt – $21.99

Catos Roll Tab Plaid Shirt - $21.99

4.  Rafaella Emerald Sweater – $9.49

Rafaella Emerald Sweater - $9.49

5.  Forever 21 Whimsical Pleated Halter Dress – $24.80

Forever 21 Whimsical Pleated Halter Dress - $24.80

6.  Old Navy Jersey Tube Dress – $29.94

Old Navy Jersey Tube Dress - $29.94

7.  Dots Dolman Sleeve Top – $14.00

Dots Dolman Sleeve Top - $14.00

Whatever you wear and whatever you do…make sure you are representing your style your way and enjoying you!  Be safe and always always have a designated driver on hand!



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2 comments on 7 St. Patricks Day Fat Girl (and budget) Friendly Must Haves

  1. Visiting from #SITSBlogging — hey from another Courtney 🙂 I’m wearing shamrock compression sleeves in my marathon this weekend in honor of the holiday 🙂

    • Courtney says:

      Hey Courtney! I was just heading over to your blog too. I wish I could get back into running. I used to run A LOT in the military and it always felt SO GOOD! You just might motivate me to get my butt up! Rock those St. Pats sleeves girl and GOOD LUCK!