Greenville’s Best Kept Plus Size Fashion Secret: Double Digits Consignment Boutique

Double DigitsGreenville, SC’s Best Kept Plus Size Fashion Secret: Double Digits Plus Size Consignment Boutique

Fat Girl Friendly has it’s first sponsor and I couldn’t be more excited!  Shannon Ireland, the owner of Double Digits Consignment Boutique in Greenville, SC, has been a driving force and motivator for this blog for some time.  On February 15th, she kicked my butt into gear and all but demanded I do something with it.  And with that, she became a sponsor.

I met Shannon back in 2010 when I was looking for a dress to wear to my best friend Candra’s husband Michael’s Marine Ball.  (Ugly sentence…sorry)  I hadn’t worn a dress in years and I wasn’t even remotely excited about it but I was super excited about the ball and being invited.  I found the Double Digits website online and went and checked it out.  Cue the trumpets and flair…this place was AMAZING!

Not loving my weight in this picture compared to Candra, but Michael escorted us both well and I had a BLAST!

Not loving my weight in this picture compared to Candra, but Michael escorted us both well and I had a BLAST!

Not only were there clothes upon clothes that were Fat Girl Friendly…but Shannon was amazingly helpful.  This particular dress was about 3 sizes smaller than what I thought I should wear and she insisted I try it on anyways and it fit!  She is super knowledgeable on trends and what goes together and can help you find almost anything.  She has purses…we are talking D & G here ladies and those are Every Lady Friendly!  She has jewelry, she has shoes, she has scarves and sunglasses…I mean this place has everything you could possibly imagine needing to have to strut your stuff.  It’s name brand and it’s Wallet Friendly!!

Not looking to shop but looking to put a little cash in your pocket?  (If you’re like me…it’s cash to spend in there later, tee hee!)  Bring in the things you don’t wear…you know you have some.  Maybe you’re holding on to that shirt in case you gain 50 more lbs, maybe there’s a pair of size 10s you KNOW will go out of style before your size 22 butt gets back in them and you could use the space.  Yea you know who I’m talking to!  Bring it in!  Just make sure to follow the rules for items such as they must be freshly laundered and stain free, wrinkle free, on a hanger, desirable brands (Catos,  Lane Bryant, Torrid, Belks Brands etc…not like Wal-Mart and K-Mart), and less than 3 years old (basically in style ladies).  Call to make an appointment first.

Some of the brands I have seen in there include Coach, D & G, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, Burberry, Nine West, Fossil, Dooney and Bourke, Ann Taylor Loft, Lane Bryant, Catos and the list just goes on and on.  And…she offers layaway!!!!

One of my favorite parts is the dressing room.  I know…you think there’s nothing exciting about a dressing room.  But think about it.  You found a stack of clothes you want to try on and you go into the dressing room.  Take off your clothes and shoes and run your feet over the plush rug…so comfy.  You start to try on clothes.  You say to yourself “Self, this shirt may be a little tight when you’re sitting down”.  Take a seat on the large bench in front of a full length mirror.  Check you out…make sure it looks right.  Now you’re starting to get hot because looking this sexy is just hard work!  Look…up there in the corner…is that…it that a fan?!  Turn that baby on and enjoy your little private fashion show you saucy vixen!

Ok so you’ve got the idea now go get the goods.  Don’t take my word for it…see for yourself and tell Shannon you saw her on Fat Girl Friendly…she kinda thinks I’m awesome!

Go enjoy your day and HAPPY WEEKEND!


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13 comments on Greenville’s Best Kept Plus Size Fashion Secret: Double Digits Consignment Boutique

  1. Erin says:

    I’m so grateful for this store. I’ve NEVER paid more than $10.00 an outfit there.

  2. Ruth Ballard says:

    I have a number of gently worn Coldwater Creek skirts, blouses (skirts are reversible, bought prior to their reorganization) and Talbots clothing (some w/ tags still on) that I can no longer wear as I have lost a great deal of weight. I would hate to throw these very good clothes out. Do you take this sort of clothing on consignment? They are mostly size 20W, 22W with a few 18W. Must one make an appointment to have clothing evaluated? I’d like to clean out my closet and possibly bring these clothing items by sometime next week. Would you please email me as to the procedure for this sort of thing? It looks like you have a great store; I’d like to take a peek anyway!

    • Ruth Ballard says:

      Please disregard the above note that is awaiting moderation. I now realize you are blogging about the store, and are not an owner of Double Digits.

  3. Thank you so much! This is such a beautiful article about my shop! I really appreciate you.

  4. Meredith says:

    Great blog Courtney. I know lots of people who would be interested in this shop! Thanks for sharing. Hope your well!

  5. Sue Daniels says:

    This shop is AMAZING! You gotta see…

  6. Rachel C. says:

    I can always find something awesome at Double Digits!

    • clhughey says:

      Me too! Every time I go in there I have to put myself on a strict budget and time limit! Thanks for reading and commenting!