Mellow Mushroom falls terribly short…


Mark My Words…I will NEVER eat at Mellow Mushroom EVER again!


The night started off innocently enough…Jeremy K came in from North Carolina to visit with James and I always enjoy him.  We went out to eat with the boys (Mark and David) and after hours of deliberation of where we were actually going to go, we decided on Harry and Jean’s, which is amazing!!!!  (Blog about that when I am not so upset at MM)  At Harry and Jean’s, we were told that it was an hour and 15 minute wait…no I don’t think so.

Off to ponder again…

We decided on Mellow Mushroom (from here on referred to as MM) after no objections from anyone.  I have had a previously bad experience there before but have been since and it hasn’t been too too bad.  We go to MM and are excited about the night.  They were fairly busy but on the way to the host stand we saw several empty tables.  Once at the stand we put our name in (the hostess was less then thrilled) and we were told about 35 minutes.  Again empty tables all around.  More and more people began to get out of their seats and make their way to their next destination and still, we waited.  The empty tables (at least 6) stayed empty with plates on them for 20 minutes while we waited.  No pre busing, no taking things to the back, but they made sure to collect the tips.  And still we waited.

Once we FINALLY sat down we ordered our drinks and appetizers (bread sticks and hummus) we were on our way.  I am a huge tea fan as we all know and James and I always get the sweet teas.  Major points deducted if you let my tea run out.  25 minutes later, we still did not have our appetizers but here comes our pizzas.  Hmmmmm.  So needless to say our appetizers never came and were deducted.  The food was ok…thats about all I can say for that.  The calzones weren’t done and for a 30 minute wait I think they should have been.  They were more doughy then normal.

The Tea situation…

So the waiter came around and filled up James, Mark, and Davids tea and then left mine half way empty.  He ran out of tea…I get it.  But he never brought it back.  Then, he comes back when James and my tea are completely empty and asks James if he wants a refill…sure.  What about me?  I would like some tea too damn it!  So…that made me very upset.  I don’t understand why you would fill up one and not the other.  Confused.

Jeremy almost didn’t get his box for his pizza and we left, without our staple to go teas.  UGH!

So I am not awarding MM any brownies tonight.  If it had been this one time, I would be ok but this is an every time occurance and I think that is absolutely ridiculous!!

Stay away from MM in Greenville…they suck!

– Courtney Hughey


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1 comments on Mellow Mushroom falls terribly short…

  1. jessica says:

    i have never had a good experience there… i agree with you 4-square… avoid the MM at all costs!