The Smoke On The Water Experience

James and I had every intention of going to Liberty Taproom Bar and Grill last night but since there was an event at the Greenville Drive Stadium, it was super packed.  A 45 minute wait just wasn’t going to satisfy our bellies!

So I finally convinced him to go to Smoke On The Water with me.  I don’t know why, but he never likes to go there and I love it.  The wait?  45 minutes!  Oh well, we stayed.  It really only ended up being about 30 minutes.  This was because poor old James didn’t want to eat outside in the cold!  That’s another story.

When we finally got to sit down, they took us outside on the back balcony where they had it enclosed with heaters and it was warm and toasty!  We always start out with our staple, sweet tea no lemon.  Our server wasn’t the best so no names mentioned today.  He was a little preoccupied and even though we got our food and items in a timely manner, I still felt like we were a bother to him.  And his pre-busing skills were horrible!


Fried Green TomatoesWe started out with Fried Green Tomatoes and they were yummy!!  I think it’s so odd that I like them as much as I do considering I am not a fan of regular tomatoes.  Maybe it’s because they are a little tart and green.  Who knows but they were really great!  Oh and the corn bread they serve is amazing as well!

James ordered the Homeplate Meal which is just your choice of 3 vegetables.  He is trying really hard to not eat meat.  Since I gave it up in New Orleans, I haven’t gotten back to it but I think I am going to start back tomorrow, I felt so much better.  I order the combo plate with pulled pork and beef brisket.  I always get the same thing because it’s so big I can save half and eat it the next day.  I got it with the Loaded Potato Cake (Mashed potatoes loaded with bacon, green onions, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, breaded with Japanese breadcrumbs and deepfried) and the amazing Squash Casserole!  OMG!  It’s always good.  Unfortunately by the time I got my meal I was full from FGT and Cornbread.  Dang it!  So I took most of it home.

The price is very reasonable and I love the atmosphere.  They also have 4 different BBQ sauces they offer and they explain each one to you so that you know what to try.  (Ours didn’t, but I actually think he recognized us from before)  We skipped desert but they are amazing also!

So…I rated this restaurant 8 brownies!  They lost 2 just because I felt unimportant from the waiter.


James however rated them 6 brownies – he’s a little pickier then I am.  🙂


-Courtney Hughey


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