Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse meets high expectations!

In an all around great day we wanted to try a new place we hadn’t been before.  Wasabi was that place.

2010-03-14 16.28.45Wasabi is located on Woodruff Road and I never really knew what it was and never really looked into it.  I was expecting a completely traditional type restaurant.  I didn’t know they had a Hibachi Grill section.  I am a Kanpai fan for sure but the design in Wasabi was aSauces lot more pleasing to the eye.  Not as cramped.  We sat down and ordered up.  I had the Hibachi Shrimp and Teryaki Chicken.  The soup was great and I always opt out of the  salad…yes I am picky.  The waiter was nice.  Not too over the top.  I got everything I needed and no fluff.  Not bad or good.

We are a rough bunch sometimes.  I don’t hide the fact that I love to flirt with and joke with my waiters and waitresses.  Our chef was great at taking my crap.  He was actually a lot of fun.  They have the same process as Kanpai.  Rice and vegetables first and then the meat.  I love me some zucchini and they had LOADS of that.  The rice was amazing and the shrimp….oh my goodness so so good!  I like meaty shrimp and it was just that.  I wasn’t as wild about the Teryaki Chicken but the Filet that James ordered was very tasty.  Even if it was burned as he likes it well done.

2010-03-14 16.28.19Tea was great too…

All in all the experience was great.  I love the atmosphere.  I would like to try the sushi there and see how it compares to Kanpai and Irashai.  I would certainly go back and explore the menu.

I don’t think I want to do the brownie points anymore but I would give this place 9 brownies.  I still prefer Kanpai because I am a creature of habit.  Go there!!



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