12 Things I Learned in Nashville, TN

(I’ll spare you the “this is where I have been and why it’s been over a year since I posted” story this time)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Nashville Tennessee with my father and his girlfriend affectionately known as my “evil step mother”.  We had a blast and it was MUCH NEEDED!  I am a music lover and Nashville did not disappoint in the talent department.  I was concerned it would just be all country but that wasn’t the case at all.

We ate, we drank, we (I) chair danced, we walked, we shopped a little…and I got my first two pairs of cowboy boots ever.  (Did I ever want any?  Not until I saw these!)  Deb scored me a drumstick from one of the drummers we saw which was one of the only things I wanted to come home with…complete with hair from his Duck Dynasty beard which will remain on there.

During this trip I learned a few things I wanted to share with people who had never been.  Some relevant, some not…lol but fun either way!

1.  Every musician is out for themselves.  We saw the same drummer play with like 4 different bands.  So I asked someone about it.  Basically, one person will book the gig and see who is available to play the parts.  In the bands we saw, they were usually advertising just the lead singer and the band name was really her name.  It was odd because I am used to seeing whole bands play together religiously.  We saw talented ladies like Kassie Jordan and Holland Marie…they were awesome.  (Kassie’s song “I’ll Show You Crazy” is a new favorite…check it out on her website!  Oh yea and she’s from my dad’s hometown of Lancaster, SC!)

2.  Never ever pay full price for cowboy boots.  Yes, cowboy boots are expensive.  (Like $400 expensive) However, if you want a great deal go to Boot Country.  They have a deal where you can buy 1 pair and get two free!  Then, if you buy a 4th pair, it’s 1/3 the price of the most expensive pair.  Example:  We bought 4 pairs.  The most expensive pair was $200.  So, we got 3 pairs for $200 ($67 pp).  Then, our 4th pair is 1/3 the $200 (again $67) so add that in and it’s $267.  So with tax it was like $291 and we got 4 pairs of AWESOME boots for $73 a pair.  AND they are very very comfortable!  Check out their Facebook page for examples.

3.  You can’t drink alcohol on a city bus.  Nope…you just can’t do that.

4.  Nashville ain’t all country.  We found plenty of bars catering to the dance party in all of us…although they were down side streets with cops on horses at the end…but they were there.  I also found that the bands didn’t just play country…they would play anything you asked if they knew it.  My favorite (did you catch it was Kassie Jordan?) group played everything from country to Sublime to Lit and when they broke out Boombostic by Shaggy I almost died.  I love a live band and Nashville didn’t let me down!

5.  GPS doesn’t stear you away from shady areas of town.  And we will just leave that at that.

6.  You don’t have to bar hop or be with anyone to have a good time.  Deb and dad wanted to see some other bars on Saturday night.  Well…I get anxious in big crowds and can get irritated easily.  When we stopped at Nashville Crossroads I found my spot.  It was right by the door for easy escape…my back was to the wall so I wasn’t uncomfortable…I was 2 feet from the bar (and beer)…I was in perfect view of an awesome band…the cool air of the open door kept me from sweating to death in the heat of the bar…I had a straight line to the bathroom when I needed it and eventually got me a stool.  There was no reason to leave.  I let dad and Deb do their thing and I stayed by myself…singing and listening.  I met a few cool people and it was perfect.

7.  Unless you have long blonde hair with curls, skinny jeans, boots on the outside of said jeans and a scarf around your neck in the winter…you’re an outsider.

8.  There are all ages and all types of people in Nashville.  I was surprised at the diversity.  There were young and old, large and small, country and rock, harley and preppy all in the same bars.  THAT was really cool to see.  A good mix.

9.  BBQ down on Broadway sucks.  Take the extra time to go to Jim N Nicks…you won’t be sorry.  Get the cheese biscuits and the pig in a potato patch…YUM!  (Of course this trip did absolutely NOTHING to help me in any type of weight loss)

10.  You can’t see it all in one trip.  There was so much to do an see and we didn’t venture too much away from the main strip.  We did go see the Parthenon but didn’t go inside…I will definitely do that next time.  It was beautiful and massive.  I regret not paying the money to go inside.  We also went to the American Pickers store Antique Archeology.  Honestly…if I was an American Pickers fan it would have been neat…but I have only seen the show once.  There wasn’t anything in there that any regular Joe would purchase except t-shirts and shot glasses of the store.  The items were random and would be for a targeted person.  Skip it unless you are just a big fan.

 11.  They have automatic pancake makers!  Ok so I know that doesn’t sound all that exciting but it was.  It really really was.  At the breakfast in the morning over at the Holiday Inn Express (super nice fyi) they have this machine…where you press a button and like some kind of pancake magic…two pancakes pop out the side!  This mesmerized us (and other guests) for hours!  Yes…it was that awesome.  Seriously…you should get one.

12.  You can never ever have enough free creamer samples!

Thanks to dad and Deb for a much needed vacation.  Especially dad for letting us pick on him so much.  It’s definitely a trip I will do again.

Have you ever been?  What are your tips for the Nashville traveler?


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6 comments on 12 Things I Learned in Nashville, TN

  1. Megan Walker says:

    I went to Nashville once for a conference. We only got one night to explore the town, and I had a TERRIBLE experience. We went downtown to this Mexican food restaurant our hotel concierge recommended and waited two hours, even after the restaurant started to clear out. And the food was terrible on top of that. GAH! I would like to give Nashville another chance someday.

    Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings! : )

    • Courtney says:

      Yea you definitely. I can’t remember if I wrote this in there or not but my food experience downtown sucked too. I think maybe they just get so much business they figure it is what it is.

      Always happy to share…love how BUSY Hump Day Happenings was this week!!!

  2. Molly Rose says:

    I’ve hopped over from Hump Day Happenings. I really enjoyed this, I’m heading to Nashville this August and this post has definitely got me excited!

  3. I enjoyed reading this! I have always wanted to visit Nashville. I loved your humourous take on your trip. Thanks for sharing this with Hump Day Happenings!