Update From Donna’s Bucket List

Update from Donna’s Bucket List

Here it is folks…you’ve been waiting patiently all day…I know this will be the absolute highlight of your week…

Announcement #1

We have several different things to announce but the biggest announcement of all comes from Donna herself:

Hello everyone!!  First I would like to announce that the #1 item that I wanted on my bucket list (to meet Jeff Gordon of course) has been fulfilled!!!!!  We can check that sucker right off!!  Here are the details:  Me and three other people that I have chosen will go to Bristol Motor Speedway on August 23rd.  This will be a night race (even more exciting) we will be in a suite.   I will attend the drivers meeting before the race and that is when the magic will happen.  I will be introduced to Jeff (yes we will be on a first name basis) I will have a picture made with him and have a little meet and greet.  I realize the time and effort that has been spent by so many people trying to make this happen for me.  Just making the effort is huge to me!!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart but you can let it go now.  Now I will tell you the story of how it happened.  I met a girl in Junior High School named Sheila Sherron.  One of the funniest people I had ever met.  I loved her attitude.  As we all do we lost touch after High School.  Now we have this crazy thing called Facebook and I would say about 2 years ago we found each other again.  I live vicariously through the pictures she post of the beach and her lovely home there.  Of course through Facebook she saw my bucket list.  She started working on the Jeff Gordon one.  She knows people if you know what I mean.  Sheila Sherron Capps Critz you got the ball rolling, you made the effort out of love and your caring nature.  I know that there are people behind the scenes that helped make this happen.  I will hopefully get to meet them and thank them that night.  But right now I just want to thank you Sheila from the bottom of my heart for making a long time dream of mine come true.  Mitzi Gathings a shout out to you for putting that fire under my butt to get in touch with Sheila.  Much love to you both.

Isn’t that SUPER exciting?  So many people had their hand in this to make it happen and we are so overwhelmed at the support!  We knew we could do it!

Announcement #2

We are steadily working on the NYC trip.  So far we have 2 airline tickets confirmed donated and working on 2 more.  We haven’t been able to get hotels donated but with your fundraising contributions, we have plenty to stay in Times Square in the middle of it all!

Announcement #3

Still a secret…HA HA but we will tell you about it as soon as I get the go ahead! Those are the big announcements for now.  I hope it made your day to know that your continued love and support has helped accomplish some amazing things for my mom.  Thank you all so very very much! – Courtney

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