Fat Girl Friendly Accepts Liebster Award

awardMegan over at The Walker Fireside Chats had a hug surprise for me this morning when I woke up and nominated me for the Liebster Award.  I was super excited…mainly because I was just happy someone is reading this ol’ thing!

As best as I can tell, this recognition is given to junior bloggers by other junior bloggers to commend them for their efforts.  I think this is GREAT!  We should absolutely 100% support each other so it’s an honor to be recognized! 

I definitely have to share what she wrote…just because it’s always nice to have a bragging moment.

“Courtney is HILARIOUS. I love seeing the world through her eyes. She is unapologetic about who she is and what she wants out of life, and I love her for that. If I could choose someone to sit down and have coffee with right now, it would be Courtney.”

Here are the rules to accept the award:

    1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award (Thanks Megan for the button!).
Liebster Button Code

  1. Answer eleven questions the blogger gives you.
  2. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate eleven blogs you think are deserving of the award (after careful consideration, I actually chose to nominate just ten). Try to make sure they have 200 followers or less.
  4. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
  5. Give them eleven questions to answer.

What Megan Asked:

  1. What made you start a blog?

I was looking for an outlet really.  I have so many people that used to say “you should be a writer” or “you’re so funny” so I just kinda started it.  I kept a blog while I was deployed to Iraq and it was very therapeutic.

  1. Who is your blogging mentor?

Definitely my aunt Kim and uncle Mark.  They are rock stars in the industry and have really encouraged me to start and nurture a blog.  I knew when they said something about buying my domain from me if I didn’t do something with it…it was worth some time.

  1. Talk about a favorite piece in your wardrobe.

Well I have a lot of pieces I love but I just recently purchased a red sweater I’d been watching for weeks at Belk with the word GEEK on it.  I’m not sure why I wanted/loved it so much but it was a $50 sweater that I got for $10…lol so I am pretty proud of it.

  1. What is one tip you would offer to a new blogger?

BREATHE!  Lol it can be really overwhelming.  There’s so much information out there and it’s hard to process it all.  Put a plan together and then be ok with scrapping that plan altogether.

  1. If you had to go your whole life eating only one meal, what would it be?

Anything Mexican…especially guacamole.  I just love it!

  1. Are you a morning person? Why or why not?

Noooooo. 110% no.  I am one of those weirdo’s that sets her alarm for an hour or more before she has to get up and snoozes until go time.  I am usually late…but I am working on it.  Why?  Cause I likes my sleep! 

  1. In your opinion, what makes a successful blogger?

You know I am still figuring this out but for me, I like to follow people who are real, approachable and down to earth.

  1. What is your favorite color and why?

Oh man this changes…constantly.  I am on a Green kick right now…but my always go to is the red/black/silver combo!

  1. What is your favorite animal and why?

I’ve had dogs my whole life but got a cat as my personal grown up pet.  I can’t really pick between them…but I am IN LOVE with my little Honeybee.

  1. Who is your best friend and why?

Seriously I could talk about this FOREVER.  My best friend is Candra and we have been friends for 16 years.  She is the single person in this world that accepts me 100% for who I am and loves me anyways.  She is my partner in crime and lets me be an integral part of her daughter’s life which is amazing.  I really can’t tell you how important she’s been to me in my life.

  1. What is the most unusual pet you have ever had?

I had a Uromastyx once…her name was Mali…she was AWESOME and would just burrow up in my hair.  People always thought I was bad ass because I had her. 

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have 7 tattoos, people rarely call that about me.
  2. I pass out when I give blood but do it anyways.
  3. I’ve been sky diving 3 times but have no desire to bungy jump.
  4. My favorite movie is Crybaby
  5. I wanted to be a break dancer when I was a kid.
  6. When I was deployed in the Army my favorite meal was easy Mac and Cheese, Spam with fritos mixed in.  Lol OMG I can’t believe I just told you guys that!
  7. Before the Marine Corp Ball with my bestie in 2010, I hadn’t worn a dress since our prom in 2001.
  8. I believe in equality for everyone.
  9. I’ve been to 8 different countries and STILL don’t have a passport.  🙂
  10. I think of all my accomplishments in life my father is most proud of the fact that I started drinking coffee this year.
  11. 30 was my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

My Liebster Award Nominees!

Ok so here’s the deal.  I’m a bad blogger.  I don’t know that many bloggers and the ones I DO know were nominated by Megan.  So I promise to do better and nominate more as I know them…I promise!  But for now…

Blonde Girl Says – I met Abby through my cousin Hailey and I really like her style.  She’s honest and blunt like me and she blogs about everything.  Very deep and got a good head on her shoulders.  Plus she’s a Gamecock and you really can’t go wrong there!

Eat Pray Run DC – A fellow Courtney!  One of the first bloggers I connected with through the SITS challenge.  The thing I immediately liked about her was her 30 Before 30 List.  Plus…she’s TOTALLY adorable!!

Questions for My Nominees:

  • If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Where were you when September 11th happened?
  • If you could have any job, what would it be?
  • Any hoarder obsessions? (Mine is office supplies)
  • Favorite band?
  • Dream Vacation?
  • Hows your green thumb?
  • Would you go out in public without makeup?
  • If you had to pick ONE thing you were the best at, what would it be?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?

Again, thanks to Megan for the nomination.  VERY honored and this was a LOT of fun!!!


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Just a 30 something southern girl living life as a “Fat Girl”. Learning to love and laugh more than ever and share the adventures that is her crazy existence! Blogging about dating, weight loss and acceptance, funny stories, quirky family, Greenville, SC and some fashion. Come hang out!

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7 comments on Fat Girl Friendly Accepts Liebster Award

  1. Awesome reading Courtney!! Glad to see you get a bit of recognition… and SO GLAD to see you changed that damn font! 🙂 Love ya girl – keep up the good work… and make sure you HAVE FUN while doing it!

  2. Candra says:

    Love this post and the blast from the past pics! Prom to Marine Corps ball…wow! I’m pretty certain I knew everything about you…although, I forgot about Crybaby…movie and wine Wednesday?

  3. I’m SO glad you won this award and I discovered you through Megan’s blog!

  4. Megan Walker says:

    Haha, I almost passed out the first time I gave blood, and then I didn’t do it again for seven years! I’m glad you fought through it.

    Lovely post!

  5. guacamole is one of my FAVE things ever!!

    • Courtney says:

      ME TOO! So weird story about that…I’m a very picky eater…my best friend made it for me in Dec of 13 and MADE me try it. I immediately fell in LOVE! I have made it like 50 times since then. However, because I don’t like tomatoes and peppers usually, I have to blend them up to a pulp to be able to stomach eating it. Lol I still have to remind myself I like it before I eat it. 🙂