Fat Girl Friendly True Stories: I Have a Condiment Phobia

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My condiment phobia has baffled people for years!  All of my friends know: If you are going to invite me over for dinner you have to tell me what you are cooking.  Not that I don’t trust you, but I am somewhat of a picky eater.  I’m getting better, but I am still not all there.  It really has no rhyme or reason but one thing is for sure, condiments are my BIGGEST no no.  My friends have learned that if I don’t realize there is mayonnaise or mustard in it, you better not tell me.  Because it doesn’t matter how much I went on and on about how amazing your spinach and artichoke dip was, the minute you tell me there is mayo in it…you have now turned my stomach and me off of your food forever.

I’ve tried to explain this before and it just baffles people.  I don’t eat ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard etc.  Pickles are also a HUGE no no.  I don’t like dressings unless they are oil and vinegar based.  I’ll eat BBQ sauce but it has to be warm and tomato based.  Sour cream is okay, but I can tell if a dip has mayo instead.  I’m almost relentless.  Chic Fil A is the WORST about taking the pickles off the sandwich and you still get that pickle juice flavor.  So, I have started just telling them I’m allergic…and my friends enjoy telling them I’m a liar.

Last December my best friend made guacamole for me and made me try it.  I wasn’t convinced…but tried it anyways.  


Clearly…I have been missing out.  Candra’s guacamole has avocados, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, garlic powder and lime juice.  The only thing I ate beforehand was the garlic powder and lime juice.  Crazy right?  I’ve made it probably 30 times since the first time I ate it.  I even had to puree the tomatoes, peppers and cilantro just so I wouldn’t see it.  At any rate…it opened my eyes.  When we went on our cruise in January, my father told me to try anything and everything.  So I did.  I ate things I never thought I would!  Mussells, alligator, lamb, oysters rockefeller and more.  The one thing I still didn’t eat…were condiments.

I can’t tell you why…I can’t explain it but I just have NO USE for them.  My parents didn’t make me eat them when I was a kid so I didn’t grow up putting them on my phone.  I found the blog of this other guy who feels the same way…so I’m not alone!

How about you?  Are you a picky eater?  Know anyone picky like me?


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5 comments on Fat Girl Friendly True Stories: I Have a Condiment Phobia

  1. Shannon Knight Ireland says:

    Ok. I’m just like you. I don’t eat ketchup , mustard, vinegar, sour cream, cream cheese, and the Worst is MAYO. I might die. People used to chase me with it until I puked…. the only condiment I like is soy sauce, salt and pepper and butter. It really knocks out a lot of foods.

  2. Virginia Gurley says:

    I am not a picky eater AT ALL (explains my weight problem LOL!). However, I know quite a few! My friend Tanya will only eat tomatoes if they are cut a certain way. No diced, no cherry tomatoes, no sliced for a sandwich. Only wedges. I make fun relentlessly :). Also my nephew won’t eat cream cheese. I am baffled by this. HOW does one not like cream cheese?? Cheese-good. Turn it creamy-even better! I guess its true that everyone is indeed different and I think that is a good thing!

    • Courtney says:

      Lol well you see how big I am even WITH being a picky eater. 🙂 No cream cheese?! That’s just crazy!!!! Insane! Lol and I kinda get Tanya’s thing…it’s like I will eat pureed tomatoes or tomato sauce but not ketchup. Maybe it’s just a texture or visual thing…lol who knows!

  3. Megan Walker says:

    Haha! What an interesting quirk. I have weird foods I can’t stand, and my husband likes to tease me about it. For example, I HATE jello, bananas and raisins (and anything with raisins). Of course, Jared loves bananas and Raisin Bran. I told him he better know how much I love him, to buy him such disgusting food! : )

    • Courtney says:

      Poor poor Jared…lol at least he’s not deprived. How you can not like jello…is baffling!! It just must be a texture thing. I love to like push it through my teeth when I eat it. HA HA I bet that grossed you out. Sorry.

      I like banana flavor but not bananas. I have tried to eat them, but I just can’t pick one up and chomp on it. They are slimy, it sounds gross when you eat them and they are furry….it’s just all around weird and uncomfortable. 😉 Thanks for sharing!