Lifestyles of Greenville’s Poor and Unemployed

Well folks, here we are again.  My 3rd layoff in a row in 6 years…I am again unemployed!  Virginia College Greenville and I have indeed parted ways…amicably.  Long story short, the company as a whole is restructuring and while the Greenville campus is number 1 in Career Services (WOOT WOOT that’s right!) the company had to make some tough decisions.  The opportunity for a position there presented itself to  me but I felt that with the changes coming it would be best if I moved on.  So, here I am again.  Job hunting.

My first week of unemployment was fairly eventful.  I enjoyed my last glass of Bootlegger’s Wine my dad bought me for Christmas.  I figured since I busted my lip trying to get into it then it was only proper I drank some after getting sacked.

Love this Bootlegger's Wine!!!

Then I celebrated my birthday with some of the best people I know and came to the agonizing realization that I only have ONE MORE YEAR until I am 30.  Sheesh…time has flown!  My birthday lunch was at this awesome restaurant in Easley, SC called “Serendipity’s”.  The owner is a friend and my mom works there some.  She looked amazing…very happy and glad to be out of the house.


Lane and Candra

Birthday Food

I gave her a Happy Birth-ing Day card and some flowers to show my appreciation for her bringing me into the world 29 years ago. Candra also taught me how to make collards and my brother Lane joined us.

How To Make Collards!

Then Candra and I went to feed the ducks, beside the “don’t feed the ducks” sign, at Furman.  The night ended with Bo’s sister Andrea taking me out to eat with their family and I got flowers from Bo.  Perfect day.

After that was a preplanned trip to Asheville going into my second week.  It was beautiful!  It snowed and I wasn’t sure I would make it home on Monday, which wouldn’t really have mattered since I didn’t have a job to go to.  However, we made it home safely.


Andrea and Rodney 10 Year Anniversary!

Valentine’s Day went by horribly as usual…no shock there.  Into week two I became really sick and still battling it.  Apparently my tonsils are too big and they are touching each other which makes it easier for me to get sick.  Hence the 3 instances of strep in 6 months.  I finally got a doctor to give me some good meds into week 3.  Thank goodness!

This week I have been focusing on applying at colleges and universities, cruise ships and starting to look at government jobs.  How awesome would it be to sail around the world while training and developing new hires?  I am really really interested in that.  Now would be the time to do it.  That’s the dream anyways…the reality…I need to go back to school.  I need to finish that bachelor’s degree.  So…lots to think about…lots to consider…

Have you ever been turned down for a job because you didn’t have the paper but more than had the experience???

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4 comments on Lifestyles of Greenville’s Poor and Unemployed

  1. clhughey says:

    Candra I hate to tell you but you tilted all your own. Lol love you!!!

  2. Candra says:

    I think something is wrong with my head…the picture looks funny like you tilted the camera but Lane looks fine…I

  3. clhughey says:

    I hear ya Amanda! It does get frustrating but you are absolutely right!!!

  4. Amanda Janouskovec says:

    Trust me, it sucks even more when you’ve spent the money and time on the paper, and they tell you that you need more experience… or that you have too much experience… or that you’re not going to get the job because they are giving it to someone who still doesn’t know how to do the job after working there for 35 years… No matter where you are in life they will make some kind of excuse, but the place where you’re meant to be will be more than thrilled to have you, and all the other places don’t know what they’re missing.