New Direction for Junior Chamber…

Gvl_new_logo2So we are taking a little different direction with the Junior Chamber next year and I am really excited.  I have gotten so burnt out this year with the new job and really life in general.  I have two of the greatest vice presidents helping me revamp our strategy and I am so thankful.

Next year will be amazing.  We are going to have better incentives and more requirements to be a member, nothing too extreme I assure you.

We are also pulling back from our state commitments a little and focusing on Greenville and getting Greenville on track.

I can’t wait, just had a great lunch with TJ and I feel so much better about the chapter as a hole.  We are going to rock Greenville next year.  I am proud of the job I have done but I think there is still more to accomplish.  We have a great group who will be named later, but I think you will be impressed.



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