My Night as a Substitute Mom

My Night as a Substitute Momsubstitute mom

I don’t have kids.  I was diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome when I was 25 and told that I couldn’t have kids.  So, I came to terms with it early on and knew that if I wanted to be a mom…it would either be in a “step” capacity or through adoption.  Of course, there’s always the miracle that I can have my own child one day…but for the moment I am happy being a 31 year old spinster.

However, I get the opportunity to enjoy kids through my sister B and friends. One of those kids is my besties daughter Adelyn.  I was there when she was born and I have had the pleasure of watching her grow into one of the coolest, most outgoing and awesome 11 year olds.  I consider her as much a part of me as if she were my own.  I’ve changed her diaper…survived multiple sleepovers and plenty of events and girls nights.  Now that she’s 11, I can’t say I baby sit her anymore…and she made it clear that from now on, I am just hanging out with her.  When her mom and step dad had a dinner to go to and asked me to “hang out” with Adelyn, I jumped at the chance.

I went over to her house around 6 and her bed time is at 9…here’s how we filled that time:

  1. I heated up baked spaghetti for dinner and we ate.
  2. We played Yahtzee…because connect four wasn’t cool enough.  I’d never played and she couldn’t explain how…that took a minute.
  3. We played PWF.  This stands for Pickens Wrestling Federation.  Adelyn likes wrestling and we have been play fighting since she was like 7 or 8.  We called it PWF because she’s from Pickens, SC.  I’m Mad Dog and she’s Mad Lion…lol yea so there’s that.
  4. 7:00pm we started homework
  5. 7:10pm I told her to get back to her homework
  6. 7:15pm I told her to get back to her homework
  7. 7:20pm I told her to stop procrastinating and do her homework.
  8. 7:30pm We read a few different Spring poems for her to memorize.
  9. 7:45pm She needed help with a math problem 6 x X + 8 = 42
  10. 7:46pm I checked her book to make sure I was showing her the right order of operations
  11. 7:47pm I was cursing stupid ass common core in my head
  12. 7:48pm I Googled it
  13. 7:50pm I nailed the problem and still remembered PEMDAS
  14. 8:00pm She starts studying for a quiz
  15. 8:15pm I quiz her…she knows nothing.  I tell her that she has 45 minutes to study, read and shower before bed.  I gave her another 15 minutes to study and told her that I would quiz her in the shower and for every wrong answer, I would throw cold water on her.
  16. 8:30pm Shower and quizzing begins.  I DRILL HER for 15 minutes until not only did she know the answers, she knew them backwards, forwards, upside down and flipped over.
  17. 9:00pm I tuck her in…and she’s off to la la land.

Now…doesn’t seem so bad does it?  Probably something a lot of you do every night. 

So what’s the big deal?

Here’s the thing…HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS?  I mean, my whole night surrounded her…what she needed…what she wanted…what was she doing…was she ready for school tomorrow.  I had zero time for myself or to breathe.  I’m an “in bed by 10” kinda girl…so that gave me one hour…ONE FREAKIN HOUR to get what I needed to get done…done.  I mean…seriously how do you do it?  Her mom did it while attending nursing school and is graduating with honors.  Some people do it with MORE THAN ONE and by themselves.  I can’t imagine doing this every day at my age.  I get it…when you have kids you make sacrifices…but I was just amazed at the series of events of the night and how challenging it was to get everything done in that amount of time.

I have a brand new respect for you moms and dads.  You guys are angels and I appreciate the opportunity to learn…and I have a whole new appreciation for being a single non mom!!!


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5 comments on My Night as a Substitute Mom

  1. jaws4242 says:

    You are a good non-babysitter! I have toddlers so I thought by the time they turn 11 I would have some time to myself – i guess not! Also, how did you get to be 31 and never play yahtzee!!!!???

  2. I definitely feel you on this since I am a nanny. It definitely is keeping baby fever at bay. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have kids someday, but for now I am enjoying my free time!

  3. Megan Walker says:

    I remember that from my babysitting days! I had to constantly keep the little girl entertained, which was exhausting!