Do You Believe in Psychics? – My First Reading

Do You Believe In Psychics?

Psychics…they’ve never really been an interest of mine.  I’ve never bought into the whole “I can see your future” idea.  It’s always been a novelty, one of those things people do just to be entertained.  I had a palm reading once…and it was bogus…so I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot.

Last night, my FAVORITE cafe in Easley, Serendipity’s, hosted a Ladies Night complete with a reading from Dave who is from London.  I’ve met Dave before but didn’t get a reading from him…it’s $10 so what the hell right?

I figured I would just explain what he said and tell how it’s relevant.  He is a friend of a friend, so I was concerned that he would know my moms situation but I was assured he knew who my mom was but not of her current situation.  In any event, there was plenty he told me he could not have possibly known so I’m a believer.


Obviously anyone can look at my Facebook or Twitter and know what’s going on with my mom at this moment…but Dave went deeper than that and gave me a peace I have been needing for a while.  Here are the comments he made about my mom.

  • She has a good 4 1/2 to 5 months.
  • He mentioned the phrase “the list will be done” and asked if there was any significance which of course is referring to the Bucket List.  A relief that this will be completed.
  • He told me that she will go peacefully and painlessly.  He said that she will be completely fulfilled when her time comes and she will go to heaven.
  • He knew that we had an evil twisted humor about the whole ordeal and encouraged us to keep that.
  • He said that I had gone above and beyond as a daughter and that I have made everyone very proud.
  • He also knew that I was concerned about the funeral part.  I really am.  I am concerned I will lose my mind, and concerned I won’t.

The Job…

I really can’t talk too much about this part just because it’s confidential.  However, I can assure you that he was SPOT ON about this section of my life.  He told me things that he couldn’t have possibly known because I have not shared it publicly.  He definitely made me feel at ease about some issues there and we will just leave it at that.

Me In General…

I have thought very seriously about writing a book about our experience.  I have told a few people about this dream, but none that would have gotten back to Dave.  During my reading, he told me that one of the people watching over me (One was Gramps and I can’t think of the other one) kept telling him to give me his pad of paper.  That I should be the one writing and he should be listening.  So we discussed that I must be a creative writer (blogger) and I told him about my dream to write a book.  He said that the girl was pushing him to tell me to write the book, that it will be a success.

He talked to me about my personality.  He said I was very emotionally intelligent and borderline genius in showing people what they want to see….strong and put together.  He knew I was struggling with after my mom passes and told me I would be greatly rewarded for my sacrifices.

Probably the coolest thing he told me was that in 15 years, he’s only met 3 other people like me.  That most people he can discuss past lives and future ones but with me he couldn’t.  Because I was an angel…sent here to take care of others and make people happy.  I can TOTALLY dig that!


So in conclusion, some things could have been generic, some could have been luck.  Regardless, I believed it and it gave me a sense of peace I haven’t felt in a very long time.  It gave me hope of life after mom and also hope for her to accept the crummy hand she’s been dealt.  I won’t live my life based on it, but will do it again if the opportunity presented itself.

Have you ever seen a psychic?  What did YOU think?


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1 comments on Do You Believe in Psychics? – My First Reading

  1. I say whatever gives you peace of mind during this rough time, it was well worth the $10.