Fat Girl Friendly True Stories: Granny’s Presents


Granny is the head of the family.  At 91 years old, she is still spry and probably healthier than I am at this point.  There are SO MANY true stories I can tell about her and my family, but for now…I will just stick to when Granny gives presents.

Christmas time is always very exciting for the Hughey’s and stressful.  We never ever know what to get her so it’s become random things like egg cookers or any type of “As Seen on TV” item.  The digital picture frame was a hit but, bless her heart, she can’t upload anymore pictures on it.  I stick to homemade items or things for her beautiful garden.  It’s always interesting to see what we are going to get from her.  We usually each get a huge box with certain items in it.


Granny ALWAYS gives us money.  It’s like a hunt to find it.  One year she hid money in different pockets in an out of style jean jacket.  One year it was a new set of gloves with $100 bills in each finger (that was a really good year).  Most of the time it’s in an envelope and you have to find it…taped to the bottom, hidden in a bag, rolled up in a change purse…wherever.  And you can bet on the other Hughey’s (I’m the only other girl) trying to take it from you.

Panettone Bread

Ok if you don’t know what this is…visit any discount food store and they usually have it.  Or just click on the link above.  Granny loves this stuff.  It’s a Christmas sweet bread that is like a light fluffy fruit cake.  I’ve only tried it twice and never eat more then a few bites.  You can bet, we will have some in our boxes.  (And we actually buy her some too)

Random Junk Items

We think that she finds random drawers and empties them.  Sometimes we get pens, nail files, money clips etc.  My brother actually got my Gramps’ old dentures after his death and I’m not even sure Granny knew they were in there.  Lol it’s just a plethora of goodies.

Big Girl Panties

There’s a tradition with the Hughey’s where someone will get an enormous pair of panties.  A few years back…what used to be enormous was like a size 18, so we got some bigger ones that are big enough for an elephant.  It’s always fun to see who is going to get them…and you have to put them on.  I got them in 2012 and Lane – the brother – got them in 2013.

Candy – Snacks – Cookies – Cake

It never fails…there’s butterfingers, reeses, kit kats, cookies etc.  Not only that, but after we have Christmas…she has a spread of deserts out for us.  Coconut cake, Italian creme cakes, German chocolate cakes etc.  She makes all of us fill up lasagna pans full of cakes and pies and very fattening things.  Which brings me to the next item…

Calorie Counter Books

There’s always a fat comment made from Granny.  Are you pregnant?  Should you eat that bread?  But it never fails…she is going to give us goodies and then books to help us count calories and cut the fat.  I asked her once why she did that and she  just says “Well Christmas doesn’t count…this is for when you get home.”

Granny is one of the funniest, smartest and strongest women I know and I LOVE having these quirky stories about her.  I have really loved getting to know her more over the years. 

Any of your family members quirky like this?


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3 comments on Fat Girl Friendly True Stories: Granny’s Presents

  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing this with Hump Day Happenings.

  2. Megan Walker says:

    I LOVE it! The giant panties crack me up. I don’t have a family member who gives quirky presents regularly, but when I was in high school, my grandma gave me a pair of pajama pants which said “drama queen” on them. It made me pause and consider my behavior…it’s bad when your grandmother thinks you’re a drama queen!

    • Courtney says:

      Lol I have always hated those word pants. For my birthday this year Granny gave me two pairs of “granny pants” complete with elastic and pleats, a sweater (that was actually beautiful) that she’d already hemmed the sleeves on, a calorie counter book (it’s a staple) and $60. Bless her. 🙂