True Story: I Don’t Date Fat Guys

True Story: I Don’t Date Fat Guys376221_10151059546018812_1613303552_n

Ok…before you judge me and start with the mean comments…hear me out.  I said I don’t, not that I won’t.  And yes, that’s my brother, Lane…thanks to him for letting me use him as my fat guy model!

A few months ago, I met this guy, we will call him Arnold.  Arnold and I met on Plenty Of Fish and I thought he was cute straight off but saw that he was a bigger dude…a fat guy.  I’m not a fan of dating fat guys…but…he was super charming, hilarious and we had a lot in common…so I said what the hell and we met.

Our first date was great, a little awkward but great.  He was bigger in person than in his pictures…which I am sure some might think of me…but it wasn’t a big deal (ha ha get it? BIG deal?).  We hit it off and when he high fived me and patted me on the head (he was really tall) I figured we wouldn’t see each other again.

But we did.

We went out a few more times and after our first kiss on the 2nd date, the 3rd date brought a little more kissing.  We can call this making out.  So here’s where I started have a little anxiety about this.  I started to think about all the things we wouldn’t be able to do together or the looks we would get.  I’m used to being the fat girl in the group…but if I had to compete with him…now it’s both of us uncomfortable.  Will there be looks?  I mean this went on and on.  I liked Arnold but I was really worried about this.  I talked to my friends about it and they thought I was being silly.  I kind of have an issue with sabotaging things by over thinking. 

But Consider This…

  1. We can’t eat at Waffle House together…the booths won’t accommodate fat people.  The table comes RIGHT UP under my boob…we would both be in pain.
  2. We can’t fly together…have you been on a plane next to a fat person?  We kinda spill over.  I mean, we would have to buy the seat between us just to be comfortable!  (Similar activities include movies, concerts and baseball games)
  3. You can count hot air balloons 110% out.
  4. Roller coasters are out.
  5. We’d never be able to get in a photo booth to remember our time at Frankies Fun Park.
  6. Everyone’s gonna watch us eat…lol I mean mind your own business dude!
  7. We can’t ride a scooter or motorcycle together…I’ll never be a ‘back warmer”.
  8. Won’t be sitting in any booth…cause as soon I get in, I have to push it forward JUST a smidgen…mostly because of “the girls” but if I push towards him, and he pushes towards me…ummmmmm this ain’t happening
  9. And the most important one is…when we kiss…my boobs and his belly fight each other and I feel like no one wins!

I know…lol it’s silly.  But…it is what it is.  Arnold and I didn’t end up working out in the end…he had an issue with me not being all goo goo over him in front of my mom.  Usually, I like the skinny guys but I know some of the most handsome and attractive fat brother Lane being one of them.  (Ladies he’s single…if you’re interested!!!)

Now, I don’t discriminate and I love all shapes and sizes…I really don’t have a type and I honestly wouldn’t turn down a fat guy I was interested in.  I simply thought this was funny that I worried so much about it and thought I would share.  🙂

I’d ask you a question about this…lol but I am afraid of ya’lls answers!!!

And just for giggles…here’s how us Fat Hughey’s spend our time….



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Just a 30 something southern girl living life as a “Fat Girl”. Learning to love and laugh more than ever and share the adventures that is her crazy existence! Blogging about dating, weight loss and acceptance, funny stories, quirky family, Greenville, SC and some fashion. Come hang out!

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24 comments on True Story: I Don’t Date Fat Guys

  1. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens says:

    I’m a fat girl and my hubby is fat too. Funny thing is we were both in great shape when we first got together and we’ve “grown” as a couple through the years. It’s cliche but it really is what’s inside that counts. Weights go up and down, looks fade and what you are left with in the end is a partner. If you like the person you’re at a big time advantage. Sounds like Arnold wasn’t right for you, but you’ll know when you meet the right guy no matter what size. That being said, your list had me rolling! The hot air balloon one was my favorite! You definitely need a guy who appreciates your wit and sense of humor!

    • Courtney says:

      Definitely true Jen. Glad to see that two people can GROW together nicely. It definitely is what’s on the inside. My longest relationship (4 years) was with a man I wasn’t initially attracted to. But the more I got to know him, he was funny…and charming…and geeky in a way I couldn’t get enough of. Lol no one understood why I was so infactuated with him but I did and he became one of the sexiest men to me. (Although also a relationship that was doomed to fail) You’re right…looks fade…except for mine…I mean they can only get better. HA HA I am counting on being one of those hot sexy cougar women when I’m in my 40’s. That happens right? A guy that can keep up…lol whew…hard to find. I have a WHOLE LOT of personality and definitely have to find a man that can reign all that in. It’s a task I tell ya…but for the right man it will be a welcomed one. Thanks for reading…lol I was actually just sitting on your Ten Things of Thankful Post. 🙂

  2. Too funny – no judgies though you like what you like. It’s not something you can help but have a preference for! 🙂 At least he was tall! He seriously had an issue because you weren’t goo goo over him? Pa-lease. That’s too funny! Enjoy your evening Courtney! -Iva

    • Courtney says:

      Hey Iva thanks for visiting!!! Yea, it was a little weird. I walked in my house and told him I would call him back when I was alone. Tried to explain to him I really didn’t want my mom to hear my conversation with him. He got all pissy about it and said that if I couldn’t talk to him in front of my mom that was an issue. Lol I mean it was really really weird.

      BTW, LOVE your blog! Too cool. Especially the post The Friendship Conundrum…I recently lost 4 of my best friends out of ridiculousness so it really hit home with me. Glad you found mine too!

  3. Candace says:

    It is your life, and if things just honestly didn’t work out thats one thing. It does sound like a lot of over thinking. America is becoming more obese and people still act shocked by this. So what if people watch you ad your partner eat, thats their hang up- take a picture it lasts longer….waffle house and booths….please…dont go…even if you were with a skinny guy youd still be uncomfortable those things are fited to the floors and they suck to sit air balloons –i personally keep my fat ass on the ground, and i don’t hear tell of many that do this as a hobby ….if thats you be my guest you can have my turn! all im trying to say is forget what other people think, to hell with society and its damn standards. its a law to wear a seatbelt—that should be my choice…….and guess what its my choice if i want to be fat or skinny…it doesnt help for people to constantly point out the obvious….if they have such a big problem with it , they should offer to include us on a walk or a run, but guess what ….they wont …why ? cuz they just want something to bitch about… why waste my time.. instead of worrying about crap like this with a bigger dude or girl…….how about doing something positive like working out together ….weight loss is a hard road by yourself, so much nicer with a buddy system….who better than someone who understands your pain and frustration, than someone of equal size, i personally believe if channeled correctly it could be a great way to bond… shows that you have eachothers back in something that may be difficult for both of you ….

    • Courtney says:

      Hey Candace, thanks for stopping by! Yes, it’s definitely a lot of over thinking…lol which I am notorious for. However…when you’re a girl of my size you make unique adjustments in life and thinking about making those adjustments for you AND someone else does include a little “internal drama” for me. I didn’t post this to say that my life would be awful dating a big guy, or to bitch about not fitting in a Waffle House booth, it was simply to be funny and tell a story. I still eat at the WH, planning a hot air balloon ride, fly where I want to go and if people watch me eat I wave and smile. That’s not going to stop with a skinny or a fat guy. I really don’t worry about who I date…obviously if I had a problem with him, I would have never met with him…so I’m not that shallow. Definitely a great idea to work out together if you would like to improve your weight or health. And…this “crap” isn’t something I worry about…it was for the purpose of laughter and hilarity only. Lol I don’t spend my days in turmoil over the idea of dating a man with some meat on his bones.

      Thanks again for visiting!!!

  4. Can I just say I was crying laughing reading this. It’s so cool to be honest and know what people are really thinking. That makes you beautiful. Stopping in from SITS Sharefest

    • Courtney says:

      Lol so glad you enjoyed it!!! Hey, I believe in being completely honest…I don’t think there’s anything wrong with going through the conversation in your head and glad to share it. Stop by ANY TIME!

  5. jaws4242 says:

    Hi! I found this post over at the SITS Sharefest (and have visited before of course :o). I don’t find this offensive at all. There are plenty of guys (skinny, big, medium etc.) that prefer bigger girls and plenty that prefer skinny, athletic, curvy etc. Everybody has there physical preferences and you should be able to too. I never had a physical type but I am big on facial hair – there has to be at least some. I think it is pretty much the same as what you are saying. As long as you don’t rule out a fat guy who has all the other things you are looking for, you are in good shape. BTW, I love hearing about the dating escapade of others since I am married – so fun! Keep the stories coming!

    • Courtney says:

      Hey thanks for reading…again! 🙂 I don’t really have a specific type either. I generally navigate towards skinnier men…but I don’t mind bigger men or, for the purpose of this blog and the word, fat guys. Definitely won’t rule anyone out if there’s interest and attraction. Ahhh the facial hair! I LOVE me some facial hair and the older I get the more I love it.

  6. Listen, to each their own. He just wasn’t the guy for you.

    • Courtney says:

      Hey thanks for reading and stopping by! Absolutely, to each their own. Indeed he wasn’t the guy for me…but it wasn’t because he was a fat guy…we just didn’t click. The concern of us together was just petty banter in my own head. 🙂 Also give men a shot that interest me, no matter the size.

  7. BJ says:

    I just love you Courtney! You are a hoot 🙂

  8. hmm, I’ve always been more attracted to slimmer guys, just as a preference not prejudice, but I dated a few bigger guys in time and I guess when you really like someone you don’t mind being squeezed next to each other on the plane haha… I had a flight to india next to a big guy once and it was a pain as I had to avoid being too close as in india it is not considered as proper. But it wasn’t someone I was interedted in!!

  9. Megan Walker says:

    I think it’s a valid concern. I mean, you gotta figure out how this person is going to fit into your life!

  10. Linda mullinax says:

    Courtney you are so funny and so sweet. Any guy would be lucky to have you as a girl friend. <3

  11. Jennifer says:

    Love the blunt honesty.. lol. Oh the dating world is full of adventures..

  12. Shannon Knight Ireland says:

    Love it! You are so talented…. ; )