How to Make an Art Gallery Wall Under $25


How to Make an Art Gallery Wall Under $25

I’ve always loved big walls with lots of art on them.  Unfortunately, in apartment living you usually have a long blank wall connecting a dining room and living room.  It’s hard to break it up sometimes so I started using this large wall as a focal piece in my rooms.  I started with a small one, then it grew when I moved to Florence and now it looks like what you see above.  And I only spent $25. 

Over the years I have interchanged different pieces into my art wall but the one thing that stays consistent is randomness.  I have no real rhyme or reason and there isn’t a theme other than being a theme of me!  The most important thing is to pick pieces that represent you.  People will enjoy looking at them and learning about you and your family.  Quick tip…lay it out on the floor before you nail it on the wall.  You can also cut templates out of paper and hang them up first to help if you would like.  

Below you will find explanations for the items in my art gallery wall and tips to find things in your home!


1.  Landscape photo I took in Indiana and 50¢ frame from The Dollar Store.  Frame your special photos of events or life milestones.

2.  A colorful quote I found on Google, $1 frame from The Dollar Store.  Pinterest is a great place to find all sorts of quotes that inspire!

3.  This was a caricature done of my grandfather that my grandmother gave me.  Re-purposed family art is perfect!

4.  $5 canvas on sale from Big Lots.  Clearance section people!

5.  Another only quote and dollar store frame.

6.  This was a hanging sign given to me by my best friends mom.  I have also used figurines in this place, or anything that sticks out texture wise.

7.  A picture of my best friend, her husband and I at the Marine Corp Ball (remember the dress I bought at Double Digits?) & a dollar store frame.

8.  This was a present a dear old friend gave me after an auction.  Ask your friends to do artwork for you.  I have used them in my art walls too.


9.  My grandmother painted this photo and gave it to me.  I love that the frame is so chunky and different.

10.  Make something!  I’m sure you have all seen this but if you haven’t, check it out here.  Be creative.  I have one piece in my bedroom that is literally a white painted canvas, and black brush stroke letters of my favorite quote.

541685_10150714773133812_726273842_nFun fact: This was my very FIRST Instagram photo ever.

11.  Another $5 Big Lots find.

12.  and 13.  Google finds and cheap frames.

14.  Old Time Pottery is a great place to find frames and discount art.  Got this one for $3 and popped a picture in it!

15.  Google finds and cheap frames.


16.  (Which says 10, but I was too lazy to fix it) Is a $10 Old Time Pottery find!

And Here’s the Finished Product…


What do you think about my art gallery wall and do you have anything like it in your home?


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9 comments on How to Make an Art Gallery Wall Under $25

  1. Kim says:

    You know how my walls are! Pictures and signs everywhere! But, I love the idea of finding quotes online and popping them in a frame. I’ll have to try that because I love all my quotes. And saving money doing it, well, you are just a girl after my heart 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this idea!! I have ZERO sense of style when it comes to interior decorating, but this seems so simple yet stylish!

  3. jaws4242 says:

    I love #9! I want to do something similar to this but with black and white photos. Now I am thinking I could break it up a bit with some other art finds and have it not be all photos. Thanks for the inspiration! #SITSSharefest

    • Courtney says:

      Susan thanks for stopping by! Yea my grandmother is an AMAZING artist! I need to get some more of her paintings and show them off. There’s one she did of me in the 5th grade I will share if I can find it. 🙂

  4. Theresa S. Thigpen says:

    Great looking. I love it. I will make me one soon. Thanks for the idea. You are so creative.

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks Theresa! Just trying to keep up with you. Your paintings would look MARVELOUS on a wall like this!!!

      Thanks for reading…love and miss you!

  5. Megan Walker says:

    How fun! We don’t have a long wall in our apartment like that, but I do have a long piece of individual pictures from out wedding. I also made a smaller gallery wall with canvas I covered in fabric, a cross my MIL gave me and an iron rose I hung on the wall with thumbtacks (haha).

    Love the post!

    • Courtney says:

      I love canvas covered in fabric! I think that is such a NEAT idea! I have also seen fabric in picture frames or in cross stitch frames and that looks neat too. Thumbtacks are a girls BEST FRIEND! Lol if I can use them, I will before any nailing is done!!!